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Check In or Consultation

Free Consultation for those interested in learning more.
Check in for clients, *note this a quick check in, please schedule a session for in depth work and processing.

Duration: 30 minutes

Business Meeting

Colleagues, please use this option to allow dedicated quality time to discuss business and co-create. This is not an emotional release session. This is intended for the easy scheduling of business meetings and time for co-creation.

Duration: 1 hour

Emotional Release Session

Sessions with Melanie ‘Mekita’ McDaniel are often described as, “you just have to experience it.” Mekita has an eclectic background with skills and modalities ranging from conventional coaching strategies to esoteric body release. After spending 26 years in various disciplines of therapy herself, Mekita has honed her skills to offer what she couldn’t find.
Emotional Release is not just about freeing one’s self from the programming of the past, it is about understanding who we are and making room for who we are ready to be. Learn more at

$175 paid after your session

Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes

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